suites at polo towers las vegas Outletcity Opens for Late Night Shopping This Christmas

polo outlet leesburg Outletcity Opens for Late Night Shopping This Christmas

Outlet Metzingen Offers All the International Fashion and Lifestyle Products at Irresistible Prices

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Metzingen, Germany (SBWIRE) 11/24/2015 There may be a number of people who may not have time to do their shopping during daytime and for these people, the happy news is that Outletcity Metzingen has announced new opening hours so everyone can do late night shopping for fulfilling their needs. This means these people need not get frustrated about it and can comfortably buy the items they need during the extended hours. The company has utmost focus on customer satisfaction and that is the reason they are offering this facility.

Some more good news is also there for shoppers and it is that those who do online shopping on their site can use the code “LNS3715” and get a discount of 25% on the items they purchase, says Outletcity. They further add that they offer all the brands in their flagship outlets that have been built aesthetically and using award winning architecture.

They offer a large selection of fashion and lifestyle products that include luxury, business and casual items. Every shopper can be certain of getting items at irresistible prices. In fact, the company always offers items at 70% less costs than those of EIA.

The company takes pride in pointing out that their newsletter that provides a wealth of information tailored for various types of customers has more than 1 million subscribers. Likewise, over 11 million people have visited Outletcity Outlet, Online this autumn.

The company also points out that they adopt ethical online advertising strategies for promoting their business. They always keep their communication channels open for the benefit of their customers. Since they are always ready to embrace the new avenues for their promotional efforts, they have their profile on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Followern, Google +, Weibo, Instagram, etc. The company proudly adds that they have moe than 100,000 FaceBook fans. This shows the growing popularity of the late night shopping facility they offer.

Outletcity is an exclusive members only fashion discount club, offering members huge discounts on over 150 luxury designer brands available from the online outlet. In return, Outletcity say that they will give you access to up to 70% off designer brands such as Michael Kors, Prada, Strenesse, Burberry and many more, at prices and discounts for designer fashion brands, that you wouldn be able to find anywhere else.

Registration is free and open to all. The outlet currently ships and delivers within Germany and Austria only. International visitors are welcome to visit Outlet Metzingen, which is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Metzingen, Germany, frequently visited by thousands each day.

To obtain more information about the Outletcity and the latest products, updates and discounts visit:.
suites at polo towers las vegas Outletcity Opens for Late Night Shopping This Christmas