tommy hilfiger polo shirts guide to the best free online workouts

polo ralph lauren stores guide to the best free online workouts

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. >> It easy to get discouraged by the boutique fitness craze with $25 per class fees and the weekly chore of sitting by your computer to reserve a spot in that popular spin class that always sells out.

It often tempting to just skip it, so we rounded up our favorite free online workouts that you can do in your living room, at the office, in a park or on vacation.

That means no more excuses for not getting your fitness on. Period.

It rivals even the priciest apps and workout programs with tons of options that include everything from High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to Pilates, yoga and strength training. If you short on time there are 10 minute ab workouts and if you super advanced, and if you want to be pushed, their 60 minute cardio workout challenge is killer and promises to burn roughly 1,000 calories.

There are over 500 free workouts on the site and the no frills videos feature cute husband and wife team Kelli and Daniel Segars.

The website is easily customized so you can pick workouts based on difficulty level, what body parts you want to target and whether you want to use weights or if you prefer a no equipment option.

Jessica Smith motto is exercise should be fun otherwise you won stick with it.

She the queen of walk and talks online workouts where she marches in places for a mile or two while you chit chat.

Her six week Walk Strong program was so popular that she just released the 2.0 version. Smith workouts are especially great for beginners,
tommy hilfiger polo shirts guide to the best free online workouts
those who need extra motivation or want to feel like they working out with a friend, not an unrelatable, six pack ab guru.

Her YouTube channel has more than 250 free workouts that includes Pilates, yoga, strength training and cardio plus workouts specifically targeted for beginners.

And since many of her workouts are filmed in her living room, there usually a few fun shots that include her dog Peanut who likes to get in the way because, hey, that life.

The UK brand has some of the most coveted workout clothes around but they also really committed to giving their tribe access to free, fun workouts even if they don have a gym membership.

Workouts in the GetFit4Free campaign feature everything from HIIT to Pilates. We really like the 30 minute ultimate bum workout, beach body workout and ballet bootcamp encore. Her workouts pack a serious punch.

We love her convenient weekly workout schedules that show you the equipment you need and gives you three videos to choose from: advanced,
tommy hilfiger polo shirts guide to the best free online workouts
no equipment and beginner/low impact.

This is your best bet when you are short on time since her 15 minute workouts will definitely get your heart pumping.

These versatile workouts are especially helpful if you want to use them while traveling or even at the gym.