rugby polos Family NYPD mark one year anniversary of Moore murder

lacoste vs polo Family NYPD mark one year anniversary of Moore murder

One year after Detective Brian Moore’s tragic death, the NYPD held a memorial at the intersection of 212th Street and 104th Avenue in Queens Village, the site where he was shot in the line of duty

Moore was on patrol in plain clothes with his partner Officer Eric Jansen on May 2 when he was shot in the head after approaching suspect Demetrius Blackwell, who they believed was carrying a gun. Two days later, Moore died at Jamaica Hospital.

Following Moore’s death, there was been an outpouring of support from the police force and the community, including a street co naming in December along 222nd Street and 92nd Road outside the 105th Precinct. Schiff placed a wreath in his memory. to see Moore’s name enshrined on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

Bratton also said that Moore’s career and story will be among those featured within the New York City Police Museum when it is scheduled to reopen in a few years.

“All of America could see him, know him and be aware of him,” Bratton said. “It’s an honor to speak of him, speak of his bravery, speak of his sacrifice.

“He is truly somebody to emulate because he was truly one of New York’s Finest,” he added. “[Moore] had the gift,
rugby polos Family NYPD mark one year anniversary of Moore murder
as policemen we all wish we possessed, that ability and instinct to spot the trouble and to move towards it.”

While Bratton encouraged the public to remember his career, his parents reflected on his character.

His father, retired Sergeant Raymond Moore, spoke briefly, but his words lingered as rain poured down. He reflected on his son’s determination to give all that he could without asking for anything in return.

“Let’s all try to aspire to be like Brian, and be like the courageous hero that he was,” he said.

Moore’s mother Irene wanted those at the memorial to remember his beaming personality. She asked the crowd, many fellow officers from the 105th Precinct, to remember at least one time when Moore made them smile.

“He lit up the room from the time he walked in,” she said. “Everybody wanted to be near him, everybody couldn’t wait for him to show up. Take a moment and remember one of those good memories that we have of him,
rugby polos Family NYPD mark one year anniversary of Moore murder
and that way we will keep him alive in our thoughts.”