polo shirts with pockets Guide to Divorce Costume Designer Dishes on Style Inspiration

information on marco polo Guide to Divorce Costume Designer Dishes on Style Inspiration

How would you describe Abby’s style? What was your inspiration for her look?

Abby’s look goes from making the kids lunch for school, to lunching on Robertson Blvd. Isabel Marant easy tops with Kelly Cole skinny jeans go a long way. Add the ever present fresh, rocker cool white Ann Demeulemeester blazer and the Celine must have bag of the season in elephant grey with jewelry from Ron Herman, and you’re done!

The inspiration is easy to wear Cali glam. Everyone in LA is on the verge of success, even when their career is in the toilet, and they could never not be seen shopping at The Big Three (Barneys, Neiman Marcus, Saks) or the “it” boutique of the moment.

Can you describe a few pieces in her wardrobe that are key items?

Key pieces in Abby’s closet are definitely rocker tees (her favorite is a Chaser deconstructed T Rex), blazers (Ann Demeulemeester, Balmain and Helmut Lange), skinny jeans (every color of Kelly Cole, a Los Angeles designer who also happens to be a personal favorite of Lisa’s) and killer (and I mean killer in every sense of the word higher the better) stilettos!

Because her character was a little more utilitarian in her look, compared to some of the other characters who get to “dress up to show up,” we went all out on the stilettos. There are two pairs in her closet that worked overtime, first a yummy pair of turquoise patent Christian Louboutin heels and then this crazy sexy, black and white faux python Tamara Mellon pair.

What about the Abby’s girlfriends? How would you describe each of the ladies’ individual style?

Can I just say I love all these characters: It was a gift to dress these crazy, sexy, individually gorgeous women.

Phoebe’s style: How can you not love this East Side Mama? Phoebe evokes the boho carefree spirit all of us wish we could have. Admit it! She is the blonde bombshell who effortlessly glides through life, bedhead and all. Lucky for us Kate Moss for Topshop [was in stores] this season!

Lyla’s style: Well, this is a woman on the brink, but her wardrobe doesn’t show it. This Beverly Hills lawyer has the business cunning of Anna Wintour and shares an inherent ease of style. [The look is] menswear inspired classic lines softened with a Cali flow.

Delia’s style: She is so fun, competitive and in your face sexy! All labels all the time! Colors from ice white to electric fuchsia.

Jo’s style: Welcome to LA! Arriving on Abby’s doorstep with those essential New York qualities of nihilism, resilience and begrudging warmth fully intact, Jo looks the part in all dark everything. Tight jeans, vintage tees, “I can walk everywhere in these” boots and always that big bag to give her that utilitarian rocker look. All in a New York minute.

What TV shows (past and present) featured characters whose style you really enjoyed?

1. That’s easy: First one is unequivocally The L Word, all 6 seasons. Not because it was my show or so groundbreaking, but because The L Word (like Girlfriends’ Guide) was a show about women, made for women and, at the end of the day, all about fashion (this costume designer’s dream come true). An Italian Elle article said, “If Sex and the City is the trendsetter for the East Coast, then The L Word is the fashion catalyst for the West Coast.”

2. Treme because I am a complete sucker for sequins and feathers, the Mardi Gras outfits are just way too yummy!

3. It is a tie between American Horror Story and Boardwalk Empire. There is absolutely no correlation, I just love the costumes and think the production value is off the charts!

Do you think there will be style comparisons to Sex and the City?

I do, because the costume designer [Patricia Field] of Sex and the City and the show’s creators took a group of women in different socioeconomic situations and empowered them partially, or largely, through fashion. I think that Girlfriends’ Guide does the same.

What about the men on the show? How would you describe their style?

Make no mistake men are not just background [characters] on this show. They really shine on their own, and each character has something to say. As in any story, the look of any character [speaks to] who they are and in this show, these men help to say something about the women as well.
polo shirts with pockets Guide to Divorce Costume Designer Dishes on Style Inspiration