polo promo code 2012 Family loses ‘everything’ including 2

canvas polo shoes Family loses ‘everything’ including 2

LUEDERS, Texas A GoFundMe page has been set up to help a Lueders family who lost everything in a Christmas Eve fire that claimed the lives of two family dogs.

The fire occurred in the 300 block of East Cook Street late Sunday night.

Elizabeth Soto was happy that her husband, Richard, and two daughters survived, but saddened by the loss of property and the family pets.

all gone, Soto said in a Facebook video post showing heavy smoke billowing from the leveled house. you see is what we got left. I can only thank God that I got the girls out. she added, lost two dogs. Tuesday, as her home still smoldered, Elizabeth described what happened as soon as she realized her house was on fire.

She said she got up to use the restroom towards the back of the house when she noticed the smoke.

“I just got met by smoke and I saw flames coming out of the closet in the back bedroom and I yelled for Brandon and he yelled for me to get the kids out,” she said. “So I grabbed both kids on my shoulders and ran out on my broken leg as fast as I could.”
polo promo code 2012 Family loses 'everything' including 2