polo coupon code Family hopes to start new holiday tradition this year

water polo guys Family hopes to start new holiday tradition this year

It was hard for Camille to say what her daughters want for Christmas this year.

It isn that Madeleine, 15, and Emma, 11, never receive any gifts, or want for anything. But where Camille is from, they do things differently.

“I come from the Ivory Coast and France,” Camille said, though she has been a resident of New England for half a decade now. “Where I come from, in my culture, we believe gift giving is a thing done throughout the year.”

Camille is devoutly Christian, and believes in the observation of Christmas, but says she has never taken to the tradition of heavy gift giving.

“It is a hard thing if your children are taught to expect things, and those things cannot be provided,” she said. “It is hard for them to understand why they get nothing during hard times.”

Camille says she remembers her “hard times,
polo coupon code Family hopes to start new holiday tradition this year
” when she was new to this country and raising children on her own. She turned then to the Salvation Army, which she says she trusts, and needed for support.

Camille is doing better for herself now, she said, and is now employed as a licensed nursing assistant. But the holidays still hold no focus for her and her family, and she was once again visiting the Salvation Army when a trusted adviser told her about the Santa Fund.

The Santa Fund is held annually by The Telegraph, and is a collaboration between the Salvation Army and the Front Door Agency seeking to match donors with families in need during the holidays. The fund was established by the publisher of the Telegraph in 1962.

For families like Camille, Madeleine and Emma, the Santa Fund can provide assistance making this holiday season special.

“I was in the Salvation Army, and a woman I know and trust told me to sign up for the girls,” Camille said. “I don ask God for anything for them, but I trust the Salvation Army, so I do this for the girls.”

Camille said the greatest gift you can give to a person is “true appreciation for who they are, deep inside.” She thinks the only thing her girls could need are clothes and shoes. Madeleine is a size XL and wears size 12 women shoe. Emma is a size 12 14 and wears a size 6.5 shoe. When pressed Camille admitted her girls have a wish to see their family in France, and help with airfare for a wedding in June would make them both very happy.
polo coupon code Family hopes to start new holiday tradition this year