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SmashTV World is an entertainment resort in Atlanta, Georgia that opened on May 1st 2017. It was originally set to open on May 26 2017, but was later moved back to May 1st 2017 to avoid competition with Pandora: The World Of Avatar opening on that same day (May 26) at Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World. The resort is owned by Viacom, MTV, and Universal Parks Resorts. It currently has 5 theme parks and 3 water parks, with one of them being located in the SmashTV Hotel. The resort will share several rides from the Universal Orlando parks.

The resort was announced during Comic Con 2014 along with SmashTV Land at Universal Orlando. Construction began in January 2015. A teaser for the resort aired during the 2016 MTV VMA Awards. On March 4th 2017, it was announced by MTV that the resort would open on May 26 2017, with all parks, water parks, hotels, and SmashTV City set to open on that same day.

Cartoon Network Amazone: The main water park of the Cartoon Network Hotel Suites. It is the same waterpark from Thailand, and has the same zones, live shows, and restaurants, but also includes new zones and restaurants as well as a big screen TV. Unlike Thailand’s park which is outside, this water park will be indoors. It opened the same time the hotel opened.

Mega Wave:A large wave pool where guests can enjoy riding on gentle waves or sunbathe on rows of deckchairs nearby. There are various shows and characters on a stage in front of the pool, as well as there being a big screen TV that plays premieres of certain events (Wrestling PPVs, Premieres of Shows, etc.) and music videos / movie trailers straight from the SmashTV Resort Channel. Unlike the one in Thailand, the pretend shark fin will not be in this version.

Riptide Rapids:A 335 meter long river lying around Omniverse Zone, Adventure Zone, Awesome Zone, and Gem Zone where guests can relax on a raft along a stream.

Surf Arena:A dual lane flowriding surf simulator, the first lane is for bodyboarding which is suitable for beginners, another is for flowboarding which requires more advanced skills. There are also trainers who provide instructions and guidance for any player all day.

SmashTV: The Ride:

A 3D motion simulator similar toStar ToursandStar Tours: The Adventures Continue and one of the rides shared from the Universal Orlando park. Set in the SmashTV universe, SmashTV The Ride takes guest on a turbulent excursion trip through various scenes from the SmashTV film series (including SmashTV The Fifth), as Kirby (Chris Hardwick) and Pikachu (Ikue Otani) attempt to safely return a rogue SmashTV member back to SmashTV world (Smash Bros. games) Map Info: .

SmashTV: Kirk Cameron’s Revenge:

An 3D motion based indoor rollercoaster and another ride shared from the Universal Orlando park which has guests teaming up with SmashTV on a mission to stop Kirk Cameron from destroying the world, similar to the plot ofSmashTV The Fifth Map Info: .
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