water polo junior olympics Fort McMurray helps B

marco polo s family Fort McMurray helps B

FORT MCMURRAY, Alta. Seeing reports of the wildfire evacuations in British Columbia has brought back stressful memories for residents of Fort McMurray, Alta., who had to flee a massive wildfire just over a year ago.

year, everybody throughout our whole country was awesome and the support we had was very emotional for everybody. on Sunday morning.

want to be able to help as much as we can. And being through it, we know exactly what needed. on Saturday.

stress that we might be feeling is overcome by the excitement that we have that we able to return the favour that we the people running towards the fire this time instead of away from it. supplies they collected include water, snacks,
water polo junior olympics Fort McMurray helps B
toiletries to help people who are fighting the fires. to receive them.

Klaamas said the efforts began with a message to a Facebook page that was established last year to help Fort McMurray residents.

Klaamas said the page wasn particularly active anymore. evacuees.

There advice on contacting insurance companies and taking pictures or video of your home contents. If you have time, people have posted, empty your refrigerator before you leave.

Klaamas said the response in Fort McMurray for donations has been so large that other trailers are being loaded with supplies for evacuees, such as clothes and diapers.

Some of those donations are being received and distributed by volunteers with a group called The Postmen, which got its start during the Fort McMurray fire by helping people who became stranded during the evacuation.

Jessica Cressey, a Postmen volunteer in Kamloops, has been accepting and sorting donations in her yard and carport. Other volunteers help connect the donations with people who need them.
water polo junior olympics Fort McMurray helps B