polo swimming trunks foster mom accused of killing baby seeks to

big polo foster mom accused of killing baby seeks to

By all accounts, Aedyn was a very sick child. Flythe said he threw up after every meal. A feeding tube was inserted into his stomach in November, Flythe said.

During Flythe’s short time caring for Aedyn, they had several doctor and hospital visits. But things took a turn for the worse in December when the toddler fell and hit his head.

“He falls and hits his head on the rabbit cage and then on the floor. And went into the hospital, 911was called and he was in the hospital for three days,” Flythe recounted.

Baby Aedyn. Photo courtesy of Tammi Flythe. Baby Aedyn. Photo courtesy of Tammi Flythe.

Aedyn was released, but he returned to the hospital just a few hours later. This time he never made it back home again.

“He lost his life and to me that’s like one of my children. He was really attached to us and we were attached to him,” Flythe said as tears rolled down her face.

After Aedyn died,Flythe was arrested on charges of first degree murder and aggravated child abuse. Child protection investigators had noted severe bruising and hemorrhaging in the child’s body, which they said proved he had been beaten.

But late last month,
polo swimming trunks foster mom accused of killing baby seeks to
the State Attorney’s office announced the case against her had been dropped, saying they can’t prove without a reasonable doubt that Flythe killed the child.

Flythe claims nothing is further from the truth. She got into foster care to help children, not harm them.

“I love children. I could never hurt a child,” she said.

Flythe is speaking out in order to clear her name.

“In the public eye I was charged, I was guilty already and it’s been hard to just know that’s how people look at me now and may continue to look at me that way. It’s one of those things, how do you move past that?”

Flythe said the arrest cost her everything: her marketing job, her state license to be a foster parent and even her home in Riverview. But most importantly, her own two children who are 13 and 17, were taken from her after the arrest.

She is still working to regain custody and friends have started a petition to make that happen sooner rather than later.

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polo swimming trunks foster mom accused of killing baby seeks to