polo mansion Framlingham’s Ink Parla tattoo shop opens

polo vneck Framlingham’s Ink Parla tattoo shop opens

Adie Ellis relocated his Ink Parla from Bentwaters Park in Rendlesham to Framlingham just before Christmas and says he was initially “worried” about what the reaction would be.

However, since opening in Bridge Street, Mr Ellis, 33, says the response has been “only good feedback from all generations”.

“I think because the shop is so different we can cater for each type of person due to having local artists, Hoax clothing, vape products and the tattoos as well everyone is happy,” he said,

Framlingham’s most well known tattoo aficionado, Ed Sheeran, may also have helped.

Aide Ellis, owner of The Ink Parla. Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

Mr Ellis says Ed has been the most talked about subject since the shop opened mainly because the shop also stocks Hoax clothing, for which Ed is an ambassador, and the shop’s manager, Jim Collins, 22, skates for the brand.

“We wont be surprised if he pops in to have a look at the new shop in his home town or even pop in for a tattoo however we haven’t seen him just yet,” said Mr Ellis.

News of the tattoo shop has been a talking point in Framlingham ever since a sign appeared beside the 221B Bakery announcing its imminent arrival last summer.
polo mansion Framlingham's Ink Parla tattoo shop opens