monogrammed polo shirts for men found murdered in Bronx park

dallas polo club found murdered in Bronx park

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Mother, 22, found stabbed to death in Bronx park, ex boyfriend charged with murder Mom, 22, found murdered in Bronx park, ex boyfriend charged

facebook email Jasmine Gonzalez, 22, was found stabbed in Bronx River Park early in the morning on Sunday. (Instagram) The body of Jasmine Gonzalez, 22, was discovered in a Bronx park Sunday morning. (Instagram)

A 22 year old mother was found stabbed to death inside a Bronx park early Sunday, and the father of her 2 year old son was accused of killing her and trying to cover up his bloody tracks.

Khiry Borden, 25, was taken into custody after police found his book bag, containing bloody clothes, in the Gonzalez family home just seven blocks from the park, relatives said.

He was charged Sunday night with murder, manslaughter and weapons possession, police said.

“He came back here while everybody was sleeping. He changed his clothes to a new set of clothes he had in his bag,” Gonzalez’s sister, Jayselle, told the Daily News.

The sister said police found Borden’s book bag behind a curtain in the living room of the family’s E. 225th St. house. Inside it were a pair of bloodstained jeans and a towel, along with an empty package for kitchen knives, Jayselle Gonzalez said.

Khiry Borden, ex boyfriend of Jasmine Gonzalez, is being investigated by the police.

After hiding the bag, the ex beau woke up the victim’s mother, the grieving sister said.

“He asked my mom for the dog chain. So my mom gave it to him,” she said. “So, I guess when he took the dog down there (to the park), he made it seem like he was walking the dog and found his baby’s mom dead.”

Police said Jasmine Gonzalez, whose body was found in the park near E. 226th St. and Bronx Blvd., was stabbed multiple times in her midsection. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Gonzalez’s inconsolable family rushed to the park from their house when they learned what happened.

Jasmine Gonzalez’s mother (in pink), along with family and friends, cry at the scene where her daughter’s body was discovered. (Norman Y. Lono/for New York Daily News) The mother of Jasmine Gonzalez (in pink) is consoled at the scene of the crime. (Norman Y. (Norman Y. Lono/for New York Daily News)

Jasmine Gonzalez suffered from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, her family said. She recently lost custody of her toddler, Khiry’amir Borden, after getting into a fight with the child’s father, Jayselle Gonzalez revealed.

She said the father was given custody of the boy, even though he lived in a Brooklyn homeless shelter.

“They got into a dispute,” the sister recalled. “It was physical and the baby was around when it happened. So they took both of them to jail. They called child services on my sister.”

She said an uncle was caring for the child Sunday.

Police said Borden has seven prior arrests. Those crimes include slapping a pregnant woman in the Bronx in 2010 and robbing a 17 year old girl, cops said.

“My mom is going through it right now,” Jayselle Gonzalez said. “That was my only sister. I was crying this morning, but I feel like, am I going to cry forever? She’s gone. There’s nothing I can do to bring her back. She’s always going to live in my heart.”
monogrammed polo shirts for men found murdered in Bronx park