huntington beach water polo club Foxtrot Collection fulfills life long dream for Ole Miss student

polo shorts mens Foxtrot Collection fulfills life long dream for Ole Miss student

Brandon McClellan was inspired to start a clothing line ever since he was in middle school. Growing up on a farm in Duck Hill, the school bus didn’t come to his town because he attended a city school. and ride with his mother to her job at the cleaners. He would help her open the store and sort through the clothes that had to be pressed that day. Throughout his years he learned about fabric, patterns and the latest fashions. It wasn’t until McClellan attended Ole Miss that he decided to start his clothing line, Foxtrot Collection, to push individuality on campus and create a life long dream.

Fox Trot’s best selling item is the Blue Sky Thinkers Tee. The collection also consists of hats, hoodies and tee shirts. The designs come from a team of four among them a mix of locals and out of state areas. Jeremy Vaughn of Vaughn Designs (Oxford) and Dejah Tanner of Dejah Designs (California) have helped McClellan greatly along the way. The company was first formed in September 2014, but wasn’t launched until 2015. The first tee, the original Foxtrot Logo tee was the first apparel item made. Robert Ross is McClellan’s business partner, and also a co founder of the collection. Both veterans of the Army, McClellan said the military carries a reputation of being an admirable force, training soldiers to not only to fight and protect our country, but to also be well kept, dress right and dress individuals that wear the uniform with pride and honor. “Although we wear the same uniform in the military, we all have a different story to tell through our own experiences. We want our customers to know that this clothing line was created by two United States Army veterans. We want to redefine what it means to stand out with high quality products and keen attention to detail. Foxtrot Collection built a clothing line designed to gradually push the fashion envelope and provide the tools needed to step outside of the comfort zone,” McClellan said. “Going against the grain of society’s normal trend of conformity promotes the growth in one’s identity, develops a sense of self respect, and demands respect from others. We owe this service to the gentlemen who are tired of second guessing their attire because of how they may be perceived. We are in the days of elegance, style and sophistication. So allow us to help you tell your story through fashion and unearth your true potential.”

Two others on the Foxtrot team are Jawan Elliott, Director of Marketing and Sales and Brandon “Buddy” Brannon, the Creative Director. When the line was first started, they chose the name Southern Fox Apparel and a potential shoe line they wanted to start was going to be called FoxTrot by Southern Fox. However, they noticed that every clothing line around had the word “Southern” in it and they decided to rebrand so they would stand out and stay true to the goal of being different.

“The fashion sense in Duck Hill was pretty much non existent because it is such a rural town. Helping my mom I learned about the types of clothing higher class people wore. From that point on, my sense of fashion was developed and my concept of colors enhanced. In high school I always dressed differently than my peers which led me to receive the best dressed award my senior year. Even though I was voted best dressed I was looked at as different and even made fun of for living outside of the norm. I want to help people develop the confidence to speak their own mind through fashion,” McClellan said.

The Foxtrot team along with the Nelson Brothers student housing will be at the Beale Street Music Festival this weekend giving away gifts to people at the festival wearing Foxtrot gear. According to McClellan, this is a part of a national collaboration they have with the Nelson Brothers team that has provided over 3,000 shirts to be distributed as gifts to college students at their properties across the country. McClellan also started a boot camp in Indianola. The grand opening was this past weekend and is ran by his business partner, Ross. The name of the boot camp is called Foxtrot Fitness Boot camp. “Oxford is overflowing with people who have artistic abilities and we were able to capitalize off their help and inspiration. If I could give any advice to someone wanting to start a business I would say: do your own research, read daily, set goals, don’t be afraid to fail, surround yourself with like minded people and open your mind and continue to be inspired.”
huntington beach water polo club Foxtrot Collection fulfills life long dream for Ole Miss student