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WSVN A kids clothing line created by local moms and a gift store that lets you design your own clothes. 7 Belkys Nerey shows us some cool new things for kids, tweens and teens in tonight Style File.

Parents don always like the way their kids dress but they can now.

A South Florida mom just launched a new clothing and accessories line for babies and kids called Approved Ramdial: unique aspect of Mom Approved is a committee called Mac and we have six different moms that represent all different nationalities. All of these moms provide feedback and say what they like and what they don like. Starks: for moms in general to be able to give your child that voice and give your child that sense of style that they would not be able to have. stuff made in China here. Everything is custom designed and made right in Davie. Founder Tricia Ramdial even lets her kids come up with ideas.

Tricia Ramdial: son Blake came to me and he had an idea that he wanted a shirt with some type of chains on it. He so proud of it because that his own design. online store sells bibs, blankets, onesies, t shirts, beach towels and growth charts.

You can even email Mom Approved a picture to put on an item or choose from their vivid patterns.

Tricia Ramdial: use something called Sublimation. It actually steam transferred, so you can wash it many times and the image still stays vivid and bright. you want to be your own designer, head over to the unique gift store Elements of Time in South Miami.

Alyssa Aizenstat: actually just got a top of the line embroidery machine, and what we been doing is personalized custom embroidery on any object that you can imagine. It becoming a very popular trend. them personalize clothes for baby, stitch your name on towels or back to school supplies. Add inspiration to a cool jacket for the in your life.

Alyssa Aizenstat: get to choose what font they want, what illustration they want, and we put their idea to life. for embroidery start at $12 and up, depending on how detailed you get. And extra bonus, part of the proceeds from Mom Approved go to Joe DiMaggio Hospital.
hot pink polo shirts Fort Lauderdale