uci water polo Mayo Clinic’s FAQ regarding change in uniforms

ravens polo Mayo Clinic’s FAQ regarding change in uniforms

Yes, employees may pay off the balance at any time. The employee would send a check to Mayo Payroll with the remaining balance. Mayo Payroll cannot accept credit card payments to pay off the remaining balance.

At the time of ordering the garments from Cintas, can employees pay a portion of the order by check or credit card and the remaining portion by payroll deduction?

Yes. The employee will submit a check or credit card to Cintas at the time of ordering the garments.

What is the appropriate hem length of pants?

Pant hem length must meet the top of the shoe and not dragging or touching the floor.

What color or style of shoes can I wear?

Shoes must be all black with no embellishments or additional colors. Embellishments are defined as rhinestones, flowers, feathers, large buckles, etc. Styles to consider may include athletic shoe, patent leather or leather shoes, or clog. Crocs).

All black leather boots are acceptable; must be shoe like in appearance and worn inside the pant leg. Shoes with high heels, spiked, stiletto heels, cowboy boots or Uggs are not acceptable.

Do I have to purchase my garments from Cintas?

To maintain a consistent, identifiable, professional look among the Desk staff, employees are expected to order the garments from Cintas. Supervisors will be monitoring and enforcing the dress guidelines to ensure a consistent look.

Mayo has partnered with Cintas for many years and appreciates the quality garments and optimal service Cintas provides. This business partnership also gives Mayo buying power for quality products at affordable prices.

The black shoes, white tee shirts, and/or white cami do not need to be purchased from Cintas, although options will be available for employees.

What color hose can be worn with the skirt option?

uci water polo Mayo Clinic's FAQ regarding change in uniforms
suntan, or black pantyhose or black tights may be worn with the skirt.

What about a polo shirt option?

The Desk Apparel Program committee and the employee “fit testers” have viewed polo shirt options. The polo shirt color options available do not match the light sky blue color chosen for the garments. The committee is working with Cintas to explore options for a polo shirt that will color match the shirt and blouse options in the current line of apparel.

What are the maternity wear options?

An employee group has been formed to review options for maternity wear.

The goal is to have a distinct appearance that clearly identifies the role of the Desk employees and moves away from the “scrub” look. The clinical assistants and patient service representatives are in the public eye every day and often times are the first face patients see. This new professional look will complement the optimal service they provide to every patient and visitor. Mayo is an elite medical organization, the best of the best, the “five star” of medical organizations. Employees should reflect this same image.

If the pants/ trousers have belt loops and the shirt is worn tucked in, a black belt is required. If the shirt is worn un tucked and the pants have belt loops, there is no need to wear a belt. The belt should be all black with a conservative sized buckle, in silver, gold or black. The belt should not contain any additional embellishments, such as rhinestones, studs, etc.

What are the fabrics of the garments?

The garments are of various styles and fabrics. Fabrics include; 100% polyester, polyester/ cotton blends, 100% cotton.

In general, most of the garments are made overseas. Like many other manufacturers, in order to be competitive, Cintas moved the manufacturing overseas.

Will Mayo subsidize any of the cost?

Payment/funding options are available. Employees are responsible for apparel costs, with different payment options. Clinic Operations will subsidize the expense for the Cintas professional installation team to work with each employee and size options to ensure an appropriate fit of the garments. This expense includes the garments shipped to the individual employee home, for the initial order,
uci water polo Mayo Clinic's FAQ regarding change in uniforms
thereafter shipping costs will be the responsibility of the employee. Shipping options will continue to be reviewed to bring the cost down.