polo bathing suits MBA Newsletter Autumn Quarter 2015

polo 3 cologne MBA Newsletter Autumn Quarter 2015

Greetings. I am very proud to note the strides made by the MBA Association over the past couple of years. Among other things, they welcome new students to our community by organizing a social right after orientation. The MBA Association has hosted some great events for students, alumni and their spouses with the next one scheduled for December 18th. Many of you have experienced the events the enthusiastic team of students has put together. Their events are much grander than the TGIF’s the school has been hosting over the past many years. Given that the school does partially sponsor the MBAA events and it is aimed at the same group of alumni and current students, to avoid redundancy the school will host fewer TGIFs. We will coordinate our events with the MBAA and may occasionally host TGIFs.

Starting 2014 15, we have also made the quarterly MBA Executive Speaker Series a more prominent event. We host a reception at the event as well. We hope you can make it to these events and socialize and connect with students and alumni plus listen to an interesting talk. You can find a summary of the Autumn Executive Talk given by Lisa Nitze from Social Venture Partners in this newsletter. I hope it piques your interest in attending future Executive Speaker Series. We welcome your suggestions and recommendations for an Executive Speaker and would very much like to tap into your connections. We prefer someone from the C Suite for mid sized and smaller companies and VP/SVP’s from larger corporations.

Last June we piloted a career management workshop for our students. We are expanding it and in January/February we will offer to our current students an 18 hour career management workshop. It will be held on three Saturdays and conducted by executive coach Marcy Porus Gottlieb and will include hands on workshops on managing one’s linked in profile, interviewing for success, and developing and enhancing a personal brand. We hope our students will take advantage of these opportunities.

On behalf of the MBA Program, I wish you and yours a happy holiday season and a wonderful 2016.

Jordan Lyon currently serves as the MBA Association President. One of his personal challenges for the organization is to create an association that people want to be involved in. He feels that, being a young organization, the MBA Association has endless potential. This leaves a lot of room for growth. Jordan’s goal is to, “create an MBA Association that is integral to the program as a whole.” He also wants to create an environment, “where students not only attend our different events, but also become contributing leaders of the executive board.”

Many of the short term goals for the MBA Association include creating increased participation between students and the alumni. Jordan feels a large value of the MBA Association is in the networking opportunities. Jordan states, “Our team envisions the MBA Association as being the bridge that helps students and alumni create stronger relationships with each other. These relationships are one of the main reasons I chose to join the MBA program.”

When asked about the challenges the organization faces Jordan said, “The main challenge our organization is facing revolves around creating demand and value for the MBA program members. Although the MBA program itself has been around for quite a while, the MBA Association is only in its third year. Our challenge involves creating an Association that is relevant, engaging, and helpful throughout every step in one’s pursuit of an MBA here at UWT.”

The MBA Association currently plans to partner with a local community based organization, at this time that association has not picked an organization. Jordan feels these opportunities are important for the Milgard School of Business and the local community to come together.

The MBA Association will be hosting theirthird annual holiday party, December 18th from 6 9pm at the Harmon Tap Room. The event will be a wonderful networking and social opportunity for alumni and students outside of the classroom.

Alumni Profile: Anne Kerker, MBA 2010

Anne earned her MBA from the Milgard School of Business in 2010. She received her undergraduate degree in Finance at Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania. Anne was attracted to the Milgard MBA because it offered flexible class schedules that allowed her to maintain her full time position while receiving a quality education. Anne recently joined The TUI Group (a multinational travel and tourism company) as Head of HR, North America. Anne has held Human Resources positions within several different industries and is pleased with the diversity of her experience. Her largest motivation for joining The TUI Group was a desire to work in an industry which she was passionate about, which is definitely the travel industry.

Anne finds the most fulfilling aspect of Human Resources is the wide variety of responsibilities. Her work can range anywhere from negotiating multi million dollar insurance contracts to coaching leaders and employees on their effectiveness. She takes great pride in her role which allows her to make an impact on the company, as well as, her fellow employees. Anne states that the MBA program opened doors for her which would not have possible with only her undergraduate degree. She feels fortunate to work for an organization where she can utilize her education from the MBA program on a daily basis.

In Anne’s spare time she loves to travel. All of her colleagues have visited all seven continents and most have been to over one hundred countries. She has set the goal to do the same. When Anne is home she enjoys spending time with her husband (fellow MBA alum, Bryce Kerker), reading, hiking with her dogs, golfing and watching the Chicago Bears even during a less than stellar season.

Kristine Grace earned her DDS at the University of Washington, Seattle and her Master’s Degree in Oral Pathology. She then did a residency in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Afterwards, she went into private practice. Sixteen years later, she decided to pursue a master’s degree in business because she fell in love with the business aspect of her private practice especially accounting and marketing.

Kristine is an oral surgeon and owns a private practice in Puyallup. She has minimized her clinical duties to allow herself time to attend the master’s program. The MBA program at UW Tacoma was offered locally and the perfect fit for her new educational endeavor. Kristine did not begin the program intending to do something specific with the new master’s degree, but she knew it was a road she wanted to embark upon. Kristine feels there are a lot of opportunities in managed care of dentistry. Currently she does a lot of charitable work and felt that the MBA would also help her develop a useful knowledge base she could share with these organizations.

Kristine’s favorite thing about the MBA program is that every new class is her favorite class. She was surprised that she loved all of the classes. Business courses on management and team dynamics and marketing have left the largest impression on her. She said the Master’s program has, “opened a door of a career path that I never knew existed”.

Kristine’s biggest surprise about the MBA was the amount of group projects. To her, the science degrees were all about being number one and having the highest class rank. She feels the MBA program is quite the opposite. It is about getting along with others and working as a team. She said it took a while to get into that mindset, but now she embraces every chance she gets to work with new people.

Her advice for those entering the MBA program: “Be prepared for the amount of time, energy and sacrifices you need to make to get the most out of the program. It is not hard to be in the program, but it is hard to get a lot out of it if you are not willing to put the time in. If you just show up to class and put a minimal amount of effort in you will get your letters, but you need to get engaged and pour yourself into it. In surgeon terms, you gotta eat the meat off the bone, and suck that bone dry”.
polo bathing suits MBA Newsletter Autumn Quarter 2015