men polos Men dressing badly

polo polos Men dressing badly

Every morning, millions of American men manage to get dressed without embarrassing themselves. Then there are the rest, like the guy a few weeks ago who was walking down Michigan Avenue not jogging or performing any kind of street routine wearing a blue velour sweat suit with white piping. Guys like him demonstrate the unfortunate fact that once their mothers stop dressing them, many men don’t really know how to take it from there. Clearly, some basic rules need to be re established. With the help of fashion experts and ordinary Chicagoans, Q sources have identified five of the worst, and most common, men’s fashion and grooming mistakes. Guys, if you’re doing any of the following, resolve to stop it. Now.

1. The mistake: Grown men wearing sports jerseys, especially with the names and numbers of star players (Michael Jordan, Brian Urlacher, etc.).

The complaints: “It’s an immediate indicator that they stopped all growth personal, mental, emotional and spiritual when they graduated from high school,” says Chicagoan Bridget Rowley Sarno.

“It’s too juvenile too This is my hero! This is my team! Rah rah rah!’ ” agrees Joseph DeAcetis, fashion director for Playboy magazine.

Solutions: If you want to get into your team in a big way, wear the replica of your favorite athlete’s jersey while attending the game in which he’s playing. Or while watching it on television in the privacy of your own home.

Exceptions: If you are under 30 you can wear the jersey along with baggy pants, jewelry, etc. as part of a consistent hip hop statement. (If, however, you are over 30 yo, homes, hang it up. Literally.) And if you are Brian Urlacher himself, you can wear anything you please.

2. The mistake: Mismatching casual clothes with dress clothes (such as wearing golf shirts as dress shirts, wearing polo shirts with sport coats, wearing shirts that have more than one pocket with a tie).

The complaints: “I’ve seen the VP of merchandising at Polo Menswear pull it off [the polo shirt/blazer combination], but not many others,” says Deborah Christiansen, a professor in the apparel merchandising and fashion design department at Indiana University in Bloomington.

Arlington Heights resident Jennifer Schmidt makes a plea for months to come: “For God’s sake, stop wearing the weekend uniform,
men polos Men dressing badly
‘ ” she laments of the combination of golf shirts, ill fitting khakis and gym shoes that is omnipresent from May through September.

“Life is not a back yard barbecue,” adds Chicagoan Karen Yates.

Solutions: Don’t wear a tie with anything other than a dress shirt, no matter how many Gap ads you see to the contrary. If you’re going to embrace the casual for all occasions look, at least wear clothes from the same family. For example, it’s possible to make the polo/jacket combination work, but the blazer must have a relaxed cut, and the shirt “shouldn’t be a waffle weave, it should be a very thin cotton, shiny, more evening or more elegant” than one you’d go to the park in,” says DeAcetis.

Whatever you do, if you’re at all overweight, don’t wear polo and T shirts that cling so tightly your girth makes them quiver like Jell O. Also, admit what your waist size really is and buy pants accordingly, so that the pleats of trousers aren’t pulled flat.

Exception: You can mismatch shoes, pants, shirts and sport coats if you are a clown.

3. The mistake: Wearing a cell phone attached to a belt, as if it were a gun in a holster. guy on 24 7 call. They’re the 21st Century equivalent of a pocket protector,” says Oak Park resident Lynn Olson.

“It’s insulting, it’s in your face. What it says to another person is, ‘I’m that rude that I will talk to someone in front of you,’ ” adds DeAcetis.

Solutions: Put it in the pocket of your sport coat or in your briefcase. Or buy a stylish shoulder bag for keeping your cell phone, PDA, laptop, portable CD player, etc. If you’re at a party or a restaurant, leave it in the car and concentrate on talking to the people with you. guy (or some other sort of technician, physician or law enforcement official) on call. You also can wear it if your wife is pregnant and could go into labor at any minute.

4. The mistake: Futile attempts at hair loss compensation.

The complaints: “My pet peeves? The comb over, its Baby Boomer equivalent the bald dome with a ponytail and the African American spin, the Bozo fro,” says a Chicagoan we’ll call Ella (lest her friends know she’s talking about them).

Solutions: “When a man’s hair is receding, he’s got to let it go,” insists DeAcetis.

“Any balding man who keeps his hair short and meticulously groomed is making a [strong] statement about how comfortable he is with his own looks. Confidence is the ultimate aphrodisiac!
men polos Men dressing badly
” declares Ella.