the polo club of boca raton Why you should visit Midtown on Manhattan

slim fit polos Why you should visit Midtown on Manhattan

Sprawling Manhattan (Photo: Getty)

New York City’s Midtown is so much more than the tourist jams, the shopping and the dizzying lights of Times Square. This place can, and will, surprise you.

Hear the word ‘Midtown’ and you’ll most likely imagine yourself straining your neck upward to take a photo of the looming Rockefeller Center, salty street cart pretzel in hand.

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You’ll imagine tourists, Broadway ticket touts, the Times Square Naked Cowboy, and more tourists.

What you probably won’t imagine is the smell of soot in the secret chambers below Grand Central Station.

And you probably won’t picture yourself slurping a steaming hot bowl of ramen in a trendy food market below an unassuming Midtown office block.

Here’s why it’s always a good idea to visit the heart of the Big Apple in 2017 even if you think you’ve seen it all before.

Think you know Grand Central? You ain’t seen nothing yetPresidents have always known how to keep secrets, and there’s no better proof than at Grand Central Station.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt had polio, which left him paralysed from the waist down buthe didn’t want a single American to know.

Heneeded a way to travel from Grand Central Terminal to the Waldorf Astoria without ever being seen in his wheelchair.

That way was 61 a secret carriageway hidden in the terminal’s underbelly.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt private underground carriage one of Grand Central many secrets (Photo: Getty)

On a walking tour of every off limits nook and cranny of this New York landmark, I was lucky enough to discover its most closely guarded secrets.

Some 750,000 people pass throughGrand Central every day anoverwhelming majority of whichcome purely to marvel at the splendour of its architecture.

They only catch the tip of the iceberg, though.

There are plenty of secrets behind Grand Central iconic arches (Photo: Getty)

Our tour guide, Grand Central Terminal’s ambassador Dan Brucker, was nothing short of a New York celebrity, famed for hisimpassioned, fact filled walking tours.

Dan showed us everything from the gaping heart of the terminal to hidden corridors behind stain glass windows.

If you want to know every secret this place has, from hiddentennis courts to architectural blunders, he’s your guy.

Grand Central Terminal, NYC. Over 750,000 people walk through these historic halls every single day that almost the entire population of the state of Alaska. GrandCentral is the second most visited site in the entire city, second only to Times Square, and the vast majority of visitors come here to either browse the terminal shops or explore its vast beauty. The people you are looking down on are mostly here to marvel at this place not to catch a train.

Sneaking through corridors like fugitives, our guide told us stories of emergency plans, secret chambers and wartime strategies.

Wait,Ralph Lauren does coffee?

If someone told me my favourite cup of coffee in New York would come froma Ralph Lauren store, I would have laughed and asked them to point me to the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts.
the polo club of boca raton Why you should visit Midtown on Manhattan