polo snapback hat Woods turns icy at personal questions

polo ralph laren Woods turns icy at personal questions

After another warm welcome from the Irish public, Tiger Woods turned curt and dismissive at a news conference when asked about his state of mind since the sex scandal that’s wrecked his marriage. McManus Invitational Pro Am, his first foreign appearance since the turmoil.

When asked whether his liaisons with other women had been “worth it” since it cost him his marriage and endorsements, Woods replied, “I think you’re looking too deep into this.” He torpedoed the follow up question with an icily firm “Thank you.”

Woods is returning immediately to his Florida home rather than heading to Scotland to prepare for next week’s British Open at St. Andrews, one of his favorite courses and where he won Opens in 2000 and 2005. Once the subject was broached, the previously easy speaking Woods flipped a switch into staccato half sentences.

How will you prepare? “Practicing.”Why not try and play some links golf in Scotland beforehand? “I need to get home.” Silence.

Why? “See my kids.” Silence.

Throughout the 15 minute news conference Woods had to parry various attempts at a comment on how his marital implosion was affecting his game.

“There are times in one’s life when things get put in perspective, one being when my father passed, and obviously what I’ve been going through lately,” he said in his most expansive reply.

But when asked again whether he was finding personal worries overshadowing his game, Woods clearly had enough.

“Everything’s working itself out,” he said.

Pro basketball: LeBron tweets, but says nothing about decision

Well, at least we got a tweet out of LeBron James.

With the Summer of LeBron trudging along with no break in sight, the NBA’s most prized free agent opened a Twitter account and posted his first message on the social networking site. While he provided no information about his future plans, at least he offered something as the NBA awaits the decision on where he’ll play next. had more than 128,000 followers.

James’ publicist, Keith Estabrook, confirmed the superstar’s entrance to Twitter, a place where fellow free agents Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh often post details about their public lives off the floor.

Pro baseball: Strasburg says he wasn’t deserving of All Star nod

Stephen Strausburg says he’s not feeling snubbed.

The Washington Nationals rookie pitcher said he understands why he was left off the All Star team and that he isn’t ready for the midsummer classic yet.

“You look at the guys who are going to the All Star Game and the years that they’ve had and they’ve done that since opening day,” Strasburg said in his first comments since the All Star selections were announced Sunday. “I haven’t been here since opening day. They deserve it. Hopefully, someday I’ll deserve it, too.”

Strasburg said he didn’t expect to make the NL squad and that it’s far more important for him to help build the Nationals into a contender.

More pro baseball: A Rod to appear at anti steroids fundraiser

Alex Rodriguez is scheduled to attend a fundraiser for a foundation that educates youth about the dangers of performance enhancing drugs.

Rodriguez has worked with the Taylor Hooton Foundation since he admitted to steroid use last year. The organization honors the memory of a 17 year old baseball player who committed suicide in 2003. Doctors believe Taylor Hooton became depressed after he stopped using steroids.

“Don Hooton is just a guy who has tremendous passion for what he’s done,” Rodriguez said before the Yankees played in Oakland. “There’s no secret we’ve been working together, hopefully quietly, for a while now. I’d rather not talk about it too much.”

Pro football: No charges filed in shooting after Vick party

Police said they know who was responsible for shooting another man following Michael Vick’s birthday celebration, but the shooter will not be charged “at this time” because the victim has not cooperated with investigators.

Vick was not the shooter and there are no suspects other than the shooter, police spokesman Adam Bernstein said. The decision not to press charges was made by the prosecutor’s office, but could be reversed if the victim decides to cooperate.
polo snapback hat Woods turns icy at personal questions