polo park apartments nashville Winter Olympics opening ceremony

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The creator of vampire series True Blood and the action packed Banshee has a new series premiering on HBO this weekend. Alan Ball’s Here and Now focuses on a progressive, multi ethnic family living in the Donald Trump era, dealing with issues including post election anxiety, liberalism, racism and sexism. Oh, and there’s also a small paranormal element to the new drama. The series follows Tim Robbins and Holly Hunter, who play a former therapist and a philosopher, respectively, and are parents to biological daughter (Sosie Bacon) and three adopted children (Raymond Lee, Jerrika Hinton, Daniel Zovatto). Here and Now also follows a contemporary Muslim family headed by a psychiatrist treating one of the aforementioned children. If this packed storyline wasn’t enough, Zovatto’s Ramon, the youngest adopted child from Colombia,
polo park apartments nashville Winter Olympics opening ceremony
starts seeing things that aren’t there. The details can be a lot to take in, but Here and Now is sure to grab the attention of This Is Us fans. Sunday, HBO.

The XXIII Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, are already under way, but the official opening ceremony airs Friday. NBC Universal is preparing to air 2,400 hours of Olympics coverage across networks and digital platforms over the 18 days of the games. This year’s opening ceremony will have a peace theme and is expected to feature K pop performances. In a historic move, North and South Korea will march together during the Parade of Nations under a single flag. It’s also going to be so cold in Pyeongchang (forecasted to hover around 7 degrees) that organizers plan to give out heating pads and blankets. Team USA will even be wearing specially heated parkas from outfitter Polo Ralph Lauren. Friday on NBC.

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One of the best horror series on television premiered a third season this week, bringing more unsettling fear and surreal twists to Syfy. Channel Zero is an anthology series from creator Nick Antosca (The Forest, Hannibal) that adapts Creepypastas internet horror stories for the small screen. The first season Candle Cove adapted the titular Creepypasta and explored mysterious disappearances and murders connected to a disturbing children’s show. The second, No End House, was a commentary on grief and trauma when a haunted house mysteriously appears in a quiet suburban neighborhood overnight. Wednesdays and follows two sisters who move to a new town for a fresh start. But they soon find out that the small town harbors a dark,
polo park apartments nashville Winter Olympics opening ceremony
disturbing past that still plagues its residents. And it all connects back to the mysterious set of stairs in the local park. Channel Zero is a must watch for all horror fans.