milwaukee polo club Young mayor finds fame in Cosmo Girl

polo car india Young mayor finds fame in Cosmo Girl

If the question is aimed at Christopher Portman, then the answer is yes.

As if being sworn in last year as mayor of Mercer at the age of 19, garnering international press for it and appearing via videotape at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony wasn’t enough, Portman can add official hunk to his list of accomplishments.

The now 21 year old mayor and Clarion University student is featured in the October issue of Cosmo Girl magazine as “One of the 10 Most Eligible College Men in America.”

“I’ve gotten positive reaction from not only girls, obviously, but adults who are happy that I’m doing positive things in magazines,” Portman said yesterday.

One of those adults is his father, David Portman.

“He always tries to show what young people can do with their lives,” the elder Portman said, noting that young people often involve themselves in things that are negative and wrong. “[Christopher] has always been the opposite of that. He’s always been a very good person.”

The young mayor sees his involvement in the magazine feature as a way to keep it real.

“I think when you’re a politician you have to sometimes do the fun things. It makes you more like a real person.”

Cosmo Girl took notice of Portman after the blitz of newspaper and television appearances following his election. Several months ago, Portman’s photo and those of 29 other guys the magazine described as “hot, smart and close enough to tickle” were sent to readers. The top 10 cuties grace the pages of the magazine, some shirtless, some not.

Portman was among those who kept his shirt on.

When the magazine called about his inclusion as a college hottie, he told them up front that beefcake shots were out.

“I can’t be doing anything that might compromise me as an elected official,” Portman said, recounting his conversation with a magazine staffer.

“When you hear eligible bachelors, you think it could be racy,
milwaukee polo club Young mayor finds fame in Cosmo Girl
” he said. “I couldn’t participate in any way if my part was going to be racy. . They were very respectful and they took good care of me.”

The magazine flew Portman to New York for a July 9 photo shoot that lasted three hours.

“I’ve never done modeling before, but I appreciate the work models do because it can be very tiring,” he said.

But even a model would be pretty hard pressed to keep up with this political Wunderkind who maintains a 4.0 GPA while working at the Polo Ralph Lauren store at Prime Outlets at Grove City and, of course, serving as mayor.

“It’s going well,” he said. “I really enjoy my job [as mayor]. I enjoy doing the proclamations and appearing at the parades, being able to get to know a lot of individuals in the community.”

He could get to know even more folks outside of Mercer, if he ever answers the volumes of e mail the magazine has received for him since the issue hit the stands. Cosmo Girl has an e mail address where young women can contact their favorite hunk.

People are also starting to recognize him as the “mayor guy in Cosmo Girl,” like three young ladies did last weekend.

“I don’t consider myself a celebrity, but often times other people consider me a celebrity,” said Portman, who doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Whether he thinks of himself as a celebrity or not, his flirtation with fame has given him opportunities he said he’d like to pursue, if he doesn’t run for a second term.

Portman first wants to see how the remainder of his term goes and if he feels he has completed the work he started.

“We’re just going to have to wait and see,” he said. “It’s always kind of been in the back of my mind that it would be really neat to be an actor. If this would land me an opportunity to do some acting, I’d like to take that opportunity.”

He views his election as an inspiration to his generation and their parents.

“It tells young people who might want to consider running for office that they can actually do it. It tells the older people, who might not have faith in my generation, that there are [young] people who are contributing.”
milwaukee polo club Young mayor finds fame in Cosmo Girl