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Whether it catching the candy burglar, casting a line, or making hand tossed pizza pies, for the second year, Camp Kirk at the Peoria Benevolent Police Association is 3 days for children with disabilities to be a part of the department and blow off some steam. As for their counselors, members of the Peoria Police and Fire Department, well, they doing the same.

“We don get to see some of these kids that are here and to give them that one on one time as a camper and as a counselor in our shoes I think it is a great benefit I mean most of these kids know us by our first names.” Peoria Firefighter, Ryan Brady, said.

“I think the reason little kids are worried when they see a police officer is because when they learned that bad guys usually get locked up in jail for doing like bad stuff when they see a police officer it makes them think did I do anything wrong?” Camper Wyatt Howe said.

But, 10 year old Wyatt Howe doesn have to worry anymore, now that he found a friendship in the firefighters and police officers.

“It a fun time for all of us.” Peoria Police Officer, Matt West, said.

The hardest task for these newly appointed junior firefighters, first responders, and police officers might just be deciding which department they join.

“What your favorite part?”About 30 kids participated in Camp Kirk this year. Organizers say they hope to get even more campers involved next year.
polo beach club Peoria Police and Fire Host