men s polo boots Outrage as teacher at the North School in Ashford

stores that sell polo Outrage as teacher at the North School in Ashford

A mother is demanding answers after a teacher allegedly cut part of her daughter’s school shoes with scissors. while she was wearing them.

Claire Pamment said she is shocked and furious following the incident with the female staff member at the North School, in Essella Road, Ashford.

She claims a teacher took a pair of scissors to her daughter Olivia Adams’s black Kickers because the coloured tab on the shoes did not fit with the school’s uniform policy.

The single mother of three said: “I’m fuming. My blood is actually boiling. They cut the tabs off of my daughter’s shoes while they were still on her feet.

“I just can’t believe it. They can’t go around doing things like this. Who does this teacher think she is?

“This is not only criminal damage to my daughter’s shoes, but it is assault because they shouldn’t be touching her. They really are pushing the rules here.”

One of the tabs cut off Olivia Adams’ school shoes

The incident took place at around 10.15am on Thursday when a teacher is said to have knelt down to look at Olivia’s shoes to check if they were within the school’s guidelines.

Miss Pamment said she heard of the snipping when she received a text from Year 9 student Olivia that morning.

She responded by immediately calling the school and asking to speak to the teacher involved.

“But when I spoke to the head she said it had all been a mistake and that they will reimburse me.

“The school then wanted to send Olivia home until the issue was resolved but I don’t want her missing any more lessons because she nearly missed two weeks worth of school in September when she was put in isolation.”

How the tabs are supposed to look on Olivia Adams’ Kickers shoes

The damaged Kickers shoes are plain black patent, with the brand’s trademark green and red tabs on the side, and cost

They are the second pair of Kickers that Olivia has had this school year as Miss Pamment said the first pair, which were black with pink stitching, were banned by the school in September.

Miss Pamment, from Willesborough, said: “Olivia was told off at the beginning of term for wearing the Kickers with pink stitching.

Another of the tabs missing from Olivia Adams’ Kickers shoes

“I refused to buy another pair,
men s polo boots Outrage as teacher at the North School in Ashford
but Mrs Ellis said she would put some money towards them and we thought that was fair enough.

“But what really gets me is that she actually part paid, for the very shoes that they’re claiming are unsuitable.

“Also, Olivia has been wearing them for around six weeks without there being an issue. Why are they making a problem of it now?

“I don’t see the problem with the shoes not only are they fashionable, but they are comfortable, practical and waterproof.”

Miss Pamment is further frustrated over the fact she says she spoke to the teacher, who allegedly cut the shoes early on Thursday morning to discuss Olivia’s school skirt.

She added: “I had a call to say Olivia’s skirt was not correct uniform and I said I’ll replace it when she out grows it.

“But the school said they had one in stock and I could pay at a later date. And that was that. They didn’t even mention her shoes. Why didn’t they discuss it with me then?”

Now the frustrated mother, who is waiting to hear back from the school about if they will replace the shoes, has alerted the police to the incident.

“I realise it isn’t the crime of the century, but imagine if it wasn’t a teacher who did this,” Miss Pamment said. “If this was someone in the street then it would be a completely different matter.”
men s polo boots Outrage as teacher at the North School in Ashford