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Project Harmony can’t talk about specific cases, but Executive Director Gene Klein said, “When you have children who are non verbal it relies on corroborating evidence. What other adults might know, what other children might know what happened to that child.

No charges means there is no name released of the daycare provider, but the parents say they asked her what happened. John O’Connor said, “When a seven month old has a fractured skull and almost dies, ‘I don’t know’ doesn’t work for me or work for a lot of people.”

The daycare provider didn’t answer 6 News’ texts our emails. The state says she’s not licensed and doesn’t have to be if caring for less than four, unrelated children.

Project Harmony provided these tips tips for parents as they look for a daycare provider/center:

Look down and look up. Pay attention to how staff interact with the children. Infants need close, loving interactive relationships with adults in order to thrive. Word of mouth referrals are important,
button down polo shirt parents demand to know how
however you need to visit the care provider/care center to determine if it meets your needs. Visit at different times of the day to see how staff interacts with the children and to get a better feel for the daily routine. Until your baby can talk, you will need to rely on what the caregiver tells you about your child’s day. At drop off, you should tell the daycare provider how your little one slept through the night, whether or not they ate breakfast and how much, and if there are any current discomforts such as teething. At the end of the day you’ll want a similar report number of diaper changes, naps, overall mood, etc. Another recommendation connect with the other parents who send their children to the same daycare provider. What are they seeing or hearing? Are their experiences the same?Trust your gut. Every parent knows when something doesn’t feel quite right. Babies deserve to thrive under good care. If something doesn’t feel right, explore other options.
button down polo shirt parents demand to know how