stanford men s water polo Senator Graham blames Trump staff for scuttling deal

coupon for polo Senator Graham blames Trump staff for scuttling deal

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday that she couldn’t remember the president using the word ascribed to him.

Booker says the words attributed to Trump cast a shadow over millions of Americans from those countries. He says the president’s language can fester and give license to bigotry and hate in the country. from “everywhere,” despite having said behind closed doors that he’d prefer more immigrants from countries like Norway and not Africa.

Trump was responding to questions as he met with Kazakhstan’s president Nursultan Nazarbayev at the White House on Tuesday. should admit more people from Africa and Haiti. Trump also expressed a preference for immigrants from countries like Norway, which is overwhelmingly white.

That’s according to Democratic Sen.

The secretary of the Homeland Security Department is testifying under oath that she “did not hear” President Donald Trump use a certain vulgarity to describe African countries. But she says she doesn’t “dispute the president was using tough language.”

Trump has been accused of using the word “shithole” to describe African countries during an Oval Office meeting Thursday with a bipartisan group of six senators, according to people briefed on the conversation.

HHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Sen. Patrick Leahy, D Vt., asked her specifically if she heard the vulgarity used or a “substantially similar word” to describe certain countries.

Nielsen says the conversation was impassioned and the president was using tough language.

Democratic Sen. Richard Durbin is standing by his description of last week’s White House immigration meeting at which he and others have said President Donald Trump described African nations with a profanity.

Asked Tuesday about Trump and some Republicans challenging his honesty, Durbin tells reporters, “Politics ain’t beanbag. I understand that. But I’ll tell you this: I stand by every word I said about what was said and what happened.”

The Illinois Democrat says he and a handful of other senators who crafted a bipartisan immigration deal are working to win over additional supporters.

Trump and some Republicans have said the senators’ agreement is insufficient.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders says President Donald Trump is “not going to apologize for trying to fix our immigration system,” as the fall out continues from Trump’s reported use of a vulgarity to describe some African countries.

Sanders tells reporters that Trump “hasn’t said he didn’t use strong language” in the meeting with bipartisan in the heated immigration debate last week. He was said to have used “shithole” to describe some nations in Africa.
stanford men s water polo Senator Graham blames Trump staff for scuttling deal