polo hat and scarf set September’s Results

polo dog collar September’s Results

Mike Derby and wife Carman along with Rosie Derby can all breathe a sigh of relief. At least for a little while until planning for 2018 begins the next edition of the tournament.

The competitive field of this year, while small, proved to be high in quality as well as spirit to meet the challenge of a brisk fall day. Several players have suggested to the Derby’s to ask for a little more comfortable weather conditions.

I did note the weather did not affect Wil Collins’s afternoon junior clinic participant’s enthusiasm. Hamblet of Elk Horn Resort and Wil Collins for their effort to help make a good day into a truly memorable one. The trio showed their professional competency. The occasion’s name sake would have been proud.

Another event I was involved in was the Tri State Golf Tournament held in Sioux City, Iowa. It is not well known in this end of the state and open to members of the funeral industry, but the winner was a part time Black Hills resident.

My wife and I have been called upon to direct this event taking the reins now for the up coming years. We are looking forward to this assignment. The states concerned are South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska and the venue of the mid September quota point tournament has settled at Whispering Creek Golf Course in Sioux City.

In the past the Iowa State Amateur Championship was held at Whispering Creek.

After our Sioux City trip and The Derby Pro Am I thought I would drop down to Custer to play Rocky Knolls before the end of the season. My real interest was the condition of the golf course after the extensive irrigation renovation had a chance to effect the growth of the turf.

With golf clubs and golf shoes I headed to the south. Keith Bily, was on the front porch as I arrived. He was watching a few groups starting play on a pleasant late morning.

Keith and I shared an interesting conversation about the year ending and the ahead. One item was a “deep tine” aeration process on the greens that was performed by a piece of equipment.

The tines were solid and forced compressed air deep below the surface. The spacing of the tines were about twelve inches. He told me that after the tine entered the ground the whole puncture extended 6 or 8 inches and the air lifted the loosened earth a couple inches allowing the root system to prosper with access to water, fertilizer and necessary chemicals.

This is the premier growing season for turf grass. The greens were really great and showed it. I even made some putts. and Superintendent. He was on the course ahead of me and I never caught up. The comfort station located on the course was spic n span (that means darn clean).

Yesterday I was in the waiting room of an auto dealership in Rapid City while Little Blue (my wife’s blue convertible VW Beetle) was being serviced. Time was short and the deadline was about upon me to finish this column when the service manager addressing another patron suggested wheel “alignment” to get the minimal wear on his customer’s tires. My concern for subject matter was solved!

Alignment was the topic to discuss today. Not tire alignment, but choosing the intended path the golfer needs to start the golf shot to achieve maximum success.

Bobby Jones, iconic amateur golfer of the 1920s and 30s tilted his head slightly toward the right to allow his ‘master’ eye (his left) a better view of the ball. The result for the vast majority of the thousands of golfers who either watched in person or in movie theaters on Movietone News film to emulate Jones.

His master (or dominate) eye was his left eye, but not everybody’s master is that eye. I have been told the right eye is far more often the dominate eye. Heads turned away from the target whether appropriate or not.

The value of using the master eye in shot alignment remains the same today as it was in the golden years of golf. The first task is identifying which eye is the dominate one. It is not difficult.

With both eyes open and remaining still point at a spot 20 or 30 feet away. Next, close one eye. If you see the pointing finger continues to be directed at the spot that eye is the master. If, however, the pointing finger appears to move away from the spot the closed eye is the master. I use the master eye to shoot a shotgun as well as swing all golf clubs. Of course, lefties are just the opposite.
polo hat and scarf set September's Results