polo beanie She wanted a date and eventually got a mate

turbo usa water polo She wanted a date and eventually got a mate

She says: “Something that has held us together is friendship. I think that we’re really good friends, so when I get mad at him as my husband I’m not as mad at him as my friend. I think that holds us together, that we’re friends.”

He says: “Prayer and communication, communication and prayer.”

“To be completely honest, I was really in pursuit of a date because we’re twins,” she says. “Everybody compares twins. If one person is doing something people are looking at the other one. I knew people were going to have 10,000 questions you know, ‘Your sister’s married and you don’t even have a date. Why?’

Melony started her search for a date early. In August, a few months before her December graduation from the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, she asked a friend for help, and the friend’s husband suggested Christopher Phillips.

“We all attended the same church,” Melony says.

Melony and Christopher even sang in the choir together at St. John Baptist Church in Little Rock but she didn’t know him.

“I don’t think I had ever seen him and I’m not sure he had ever seen me, either,” she says.

Their friends introduced them after church one Sunday.

“We talked for a while,” Melony says.

Christopher’s memory of that moment is a bit more dramatic.

“I saw her across the sanctuary and I knew God had sent her for me,” he says.

Melony was student teaching then and working part time at a clothing store. Christopher and his cousin dropped by the store that afternoon to say hi.

“I don’t think we set a date to go out then,” she says. “We did exchange phone numbers.”

A couple of weeks later they met for dinner at Chili’s and Melony was at least a half hour late.

“I was sitting at Chili’s and I was like, ‘She’s going to stand me up,'” Christopher says.

Melony, who says it took her a long time to figure out what to wear that night, noticed what Christopher was wearing immediately.

“He was wearing a pink shirt with brown leather suspenders and some slacks and some brown Polo shoes,” she says. “I was real late. He was sitting there with his legs crossed and his arms folded across his chest.”
polo beanie She wanted a date and eventually got a mate