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If the shoe dealers in Kalyan and Dombivli are to be believed, rainy footwear is no longer in vogue. With comfort, appearance and price acting as detrimental factors, the all season footwear is now getting thumbs up from both men and women.

Shopkeepers claim that the demand for rubber or plastic footwear is either minuscule or negligible. Even in the monsoon, people come looking for shoes which can withstand seasonal changes throughout the year.

Rakesh Gaikwad, spokesperson, Royal Collection, Shivai Chowk in Kalyan, said, “Of the 100 buyers who visit my store, 85 ask for the all season variety. Apart from being trendy,
marco polo brooklyn season shoes are in
they are not very expensive. As a result of which, people can easily afford buying two or three pairs at one go as per the colour combination of their costumes. On the other hand, the rainy or other seasonal footwear, have limited options at a higher cost. In fact, I have stopped stocking the seasonal varieties.”

Meanwhile, Sunil Nandwani from Sanjay Footwear said, “Shoe bites was a recurrent problem with the rainy variety. This is also one of the reasons why people now prefer the all season variety. With greater variety and elegance, your fashion quotient is simply enhanced.” Buyers, seem, pretty pleased with the changing trend. “The all season shoes are comfortable and easily available. We also get a wide range to choose from. They are cheaper and much more durable than their seasonal counterpart,” said Neha Gupta,
marco polo brooklyn season shoes are in
a customer.