marco polo cruise ship The trials of young Jonathan

customized polos The trials of young Jonathan

Jonathan, 17, is a motor cycle trials rider, presently leading the world, European and British championships at youth level. Next week he flies to Japan in a bid to strengthen his lead.

Trials and tribulation, the little mishap on Saturday morning has done nothing to emasculate his ambition.

Trials and error it may be said, no more.

“I’ve not really had any serious injury,” he insists. “I once smashed my knee a bit through going too fast, but I took four months off and it was fine.”

Gerald Richardson, his father, was one of the country’s best known riders, twice winning the hugely demanding Scott Trial in Swaledale.

Jonathan the most courteous, composed and confident of young men could ride a pushbike when he was two, was bought his first motor bike (“a Yamaha TY80”) when he was seven. These days he’s his own mechanic, too.

It may not be said that he’s rarely been out of the saddle, however, since trials bikes don’t run to such comforts. It’s a sport undertaken standing up.

Doesn’t he ever wish that his dad had been a golfer, or something less arduous, instead?

“Not for a minute,” he says. “I really enjoy riding motor bikes. My dad has supported me all the way, he’s been really important.”

These days he helps on the family farm at Skeeby, near Richmond, has a personal fitness trainer “I’m always down the gym, physical fitness is just as important as bike fitness” and practices most days at a former quarry near Ravensworth, a few miles north near the A66.

Last year he was ninth in the world, seventh in Europe, second in Britain. The improvement has been dramatic the result, he says, of a lot of hard work.
marco polo cruise ship The trials of young Jonathan