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Freeman also spoke about what goes into making the decision to charge someone.

“It’s ultimately going to be defined by the Genesee County Prosecutor’s Office. Because normally there are no black and white levels set in the law. There are obviously certain expectations we have with parents and their children and so what our job is now is to make sure we compile the best case file that we can give the Genesee County Prosecutor’s Office and then all the minds are going to come together and look at it and ultimately, again, the prosecutor is going to have to decide if this case warrants any charges or not,” Freeman said.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton couldn’t say much at this point, but did confirm with ABC12 that his office will be reviewing the police investigation.

We will continue to follow this story and bring you updates as we get them.

Friday, July 24

The birth parents of Omarion Humphrey were back in an Oakland County court, Friday morning.

The 9 year old went missing from Davison Township’s Lake Callis on July 4. His body was found six days later in the water.

He was living with a foster mother in Flint after his biological parents lost custody of their 11 children.

Friday, in court, a judge denied the parents’ request to get those children back for now.

A separate criminal investigation into Omarion’s death continues.

The judge also heard testimony abut the foster mother who cared for Omarion.

Tuesday, July 21

A private service for Omarion was also held in Flint on Tuesday.

Leaders at the Higher Quality of Life church celebrated his life.

Around 60 people, including Omarion’s foster family, gathered together to remember him. Many volunteers from the search and rescue teams also attended Tuesday’s service in Flint.

After the service, friends and loved ones released balloons in his honor.

Pastor Ronnie Wiggins says even though he was on this earth for a short time, his life impacted so many people in this area.

“I had heard many stories about what happened, what had taken place. But, as a pastor, I was going to be nonjudgmental and just be led by heart to open the door for a family who just wanted a place to come and express their love for the passing of this young man who had touched their lives,” Wiggins said.

Wiggins also says he was honored to give the family some sort of comfort during this difficult time.

Monday, July 20

Visitation was held on Monday, July 20 for Omarion at a Cobb’s Funeral Home in Pontiac.

“He was my everything, my everything,” said Omarion’s mother Khisha Humphrey.

Khisha tells stories about her son Omarion, known to his family as “Mars.”

She said even though he was autistic and couldn’t speak, he had a big personality.

“I’m going to miss him going through my bag and taking all my candy and him kissing me. Random kisses and random hugs is what I’m going to miss,” Khisha said.

Despite the tragic outcome, Khisha is grateful to the community.

“Davison is a great town. They did everything they could to find him,” Khisha said.

Following Omarion’s death, court records revealed why he was in foster care along with 10 brothers and sisters. Those records show the children were caring for each other, living alone in horrible conditions at a home in Pontiac.

Khisha and Jamell Humphrey are accused of neglect. Khisha spoke out publicly for the first time about those allegations.
discount golf polos The search for Omarion