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Bankers still wear suits, butchers and bakers wear aprons, golfers and football players still wear shoes with soles fixed with cleats meant to grab the ground.

On Labor Day 2014 we note that uniforms remain an ongoing presence for many workers, from the jockey in her silks to the priest in his robes.

In the workday world, many of us are known by the clothes and equipment we wear, the clothes that protect us or publicly announce us to clients, patients, fans or members of the congregation.

The red nose of a clown, the roller skates of a carhop, the hood of a beekeeper.

Connie Doll

Surrounded by quiet storm of rainbows hung above her, jockey Connie Doll sits in the room at Emerald Downs race track in Auburn. She has been a professional jockey since her first race at age 14, in Canada.

horse was so good, it ran off with me and won, and made me look good, she said.

Every racehorse owner chooses and supplies his or her own silk blouse in a tradition that goes back, if not to chariot riders in ancient Rome, then to the Newmarket race course in England, in October 1762. Minutes of the Jockey Club meeting that month record a resolution that riders would wear colors to distinguish themselves from one another.

feel like a part of history, Doll says. She also says she has a lot of history after 39 years. With those 39 years under her whip, she claims to have the longest consecutive career of any female jockey in the country.

And of all the silks she has worn over nearly four decades, she does have a very favorite.

ones I win in, she says. So too with the zippered hood.

lights the wad of burlap inside her smoker, to soothe the hive of some 80,000 bees, primarily of the Eastern European Carniolan strain.

She also keeps a bottle of sugar water handy to distract and placate them should they become aggressive.

Heinecke, one of 12 certified master beekeepers in the state, also wears a leather gauntlet, just in case, as she pulls a frame of honeycombs from one of her hives. She expects to harvest 70 pounds of honey by November.

Her uniform protects her and the protection allows her to do her job.

just want to concentrate on taking care of the bees, she says.

Rob Tinsley, 46, wears a new set of clothes every day, fresh coveralls especially.

stuff you don want to wear twice, he says. go into some really nasty places. Tinsley is a maintenance technician employed by LOTT Clean Water Alliance in Olympia with LOTT signifying Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater and Thurston County.

He goes where few men go, beneath streets, into the dank, dark, fetid jungles of tunnels where wastewater flows.

He wears double gloves, coveralls, a helmet, eye protection, hearing protection.

go into a lot of confined spaces where we have to use a gas sniffer. We go 30 to 50 feet underground. I been here for almost nine years and it still makes me gag at some locations. He also wears boots, heavy rubber boots to keep his feet safe.

One day, Tinsley hadn noticed a small hole in one of his boots. Soon after, he says, ended up with a staph infection. It pretty nasty stuff.

The Olympia resident made his inaugural appearance on Mother Day, 1996.

Rather than a Wright prefers to call what he wears as his clothes. And where a traditionally costumed clown will wear gloves and a wig and keep most skin covered, Wright feels fine wearing short legged pants and short sleeved shirts.

I wear short sleeves, I OK with that, he said. more comfortable they are, the the better I can access my inner clown. Some customers for birthday parties, perhaps, or for singing telegrams prefer that he wear the oversized size 19 clown shoes, but he prefers more regular footwear, albeit strung with rainbow laces.

His tramp like makeup is light, and his vest or his jacket will contain several large pockets for treats, confetti, stickers or perhaps a pretend cigar and gigantic lighter.

is profound to be at someone special occasion, and to offer them something they will remember, especially if I do the pie in the face. In deference to the lactose intolerant among us, the pies Wright throws contain non dairy whipped topping.
cheap polo clothes for men The News Tribune and The Olympian