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“You have more questions. You have a lot more issues with anger. There’s all the different stages of grief that are involved and I think they can be more intense.”

In Omaha, O’Connor was employed by Vocational Rehabilitation for three years and married for seven.

His wife tells Channel 6, “I’m just trying to do the best I can to move on. In my heart I don’t believe Michael is still alive.”

Laurie Venditte says, “It’s still very raw to her. She doesn’t really think about it. She tries to keep herself busy.”

Venditte says this was out of character for Michael.

“It still just flabbergasts us to think he just walked away,” she said.

If that is what Michael O’Connor did, it’s not illegal. Nor is it uncommon.

Dr. Shilling says, “We do see it in certain psychiatric conditions. We see it sometimes just as an option that people feel they have in life to start a fresh new life.”

Officer Dropinski says, “You can walk away from your life. I mean there’s nothing, you may have other obligations to your family or financial obligations, but as far as criminally speaking, there’s nothing criminal about just walking away. And at this point that looks like what occurred.”

We spoke with Michael O’Connor’s family in Louisiana but they did not want to comment, explaining that it is still to painful to talk about.

While it’s no longer a criminal investigation, police, family and friends would still like closure. If you know anything about this case, call 444 5657.
purple polo shirt Where Michael