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Evil sock puppets. Monster trucks. Sugary cereal. Country heartthrobs. Local movies. Spaced out rockers. Smart mouthed comics. Indie bands aplenty. And even a bridezilla playground. I don know what your idea of entertainment is. But I pretty sure there something going on this week to meet it. Here are your best bets for the next seven days:

WSO: New Music Festival

Out with the old and in with the new. Again. Now in its 26th year, the annual New Music Festival continues to push buttons and boundaries with this year lineup. The featured artist is New York avant garde composer Meredith Monk, whose works will be featured in three separate events and who will be on hand to take part. But she not the only game (and name) in town: Former Hole bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur will cap the festival next weekend with the overnight marathon 12 Hour Drone, created by a massive band that also includes electronicist William Basinski and pianist Lubomyr Melnyk.

RWB Mixed Programme

Friday Saturday, Centennial Concert Hall

Variety is the spice of life and the main ingredient in the Royal Winnipeg Ballet latest offering. The troupe latest Mixed Programme lives up to its name with four works: Marc Godden Angels in the Architecture, set to the music of Aaron Copland Appalachian Spring; Lila York Celts, a fusion of ballet, modern, classical, and Irish folk dance; William Forsythe Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude, a challenging work for three women and two men; and Marius Petipa classic Don Quixote Pas de Deux.

There more than one locally shot film opening in the city this week. And thankfully, at least one of them does not involve controversial treatment of a stunt dog. That would be director Tyson Carson dark new romantic comedy (not to be confused with the Matt LeBlanc movie or the Netflix series). Mad Men Megan Draper), it the story of man obsessed with his ex but according to the billing, it also a love letter to our fair city. Check it out this weekend at .

Hand to God

Until Feb 11,

Mature content, strong language, violence, sexuality, haze fog, puppets behaving badly. So reads the MTC web page for Robert Askins play Hand to God. And if that hasn already sold you on the show, well, here the blurb about the plotline: needs the devil on your shoulder when you have a holy terror on your left hand? As one of the malcontent teens in his mom Christian puppet ministry, Jason tries to be a good son. But his foul mouthed sock puppet, Tyrone, has other ideas.

Mark Normand

Until Saturday, Rumor you judge a standup by their tweets and I do then New York comedian Mark Normand seems like a winner. Three of his recent missives: 1) A guy called me a wuss for ordering fat free ice cream. Weird,
polo player Winnipeg Sun
I never seen an overweight person and thought what a badass! 2) I haven heard the word shouted this much since the time I roller bladed to high school. WomensMarch; 3) Kids feel so much more grown up now. That must make it harder for pedophiles. a ride home in my van? I just uber. Want more? He at the comedy dungeon until Saturday night.

Big Fun Festival

Until Sunday, various venues

Fun is just starting. Big Fun, that is. The sixth winter music festival runs through Sunday, with 40 acts from throughout the city, around the country and across the continent including Julie Doiron, Pip Skid, Mahogany Frog, Figure Walking and more bringing the rock (or pop, or folk, or hip hop, depending on your preference) to various venues including the West End Cultural Centre, Good Will Social Club, Handsome Daughter, Fools Horses, RAW:almond and others.

Wonderful Wedding Show

Friday Saturday, Convention Centre

Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today to celebrate the wedding and to inform you that the 27th annual Wonderful Wedding Show is taking over the Convention Centre this weekend. So if your big day is coming up this year, now the time to peruse everything from cakes, flowers, gowns and jewelry to dance instructors, videographers and fireworks. Naturally, there will be plenty of shows, displays, contests and whatnot including a groom lounge to help ensure you aren single again by day end. Tickets cost $18.

All You Can Eat Cereal Cartoon PartySaturday mornings? cartoons? sugary cereal? Then set your alarm and get up this week in time for the return of All You Can Eat Cereal Cartoon Party. with an all new cartoon cavalcade and a bottomless buffet of sweet cereal options (with non dairy options for those of you who just can let it go even for one day). Even better, you encouraged to show up in PJs and slippers, with your blankie. Admission is $10.

Dib Bob and The Journey Home

Starts Saturday, MTYP

Life is one long adventure. Especially for Dib and Bob, the stars of Manitoba Theatre for Young People latest production. The pair have been lost in the forest for so long that they now speak their own made up language. And when they camp beneath a huge mysterious tree,
polo player Winnipeg Sun
they find it inhabited by a monster that must be defeated if they are to finally find their way home. The award winning play by David S. Craig and Robert Morgan is recommended for ages 6 to 11.