custom golf polos Where the hem ends and the shoe begins

blue polo interactive Where the hem ends and the shoe begins

a pair that fit comfortably when they first put them on. When they warm and release, you are left with a saggy pair of skinnies, which are not cute or flattering.

Buy skinnies that are as long

as possible, preferably to the tops of your feet since your legs will look as long as your pants are.

The most common choice of

footwear for a skinny pant is a boot or bootie because the tight

fit allows you to wear a boot over them with comfort. I have found, though, that there really isn’t

a shoe style that doesn’t work with the skinny. As long as you’re choosing a

shoe that’s flattering to your foot and to your outfit, rock it.

Don’t tuck your straight leg jeans into your booties, Do roll them 1″ above the top of you shoeSara Dahlquist

The straight leg pant is

usually the choice for those that want a slimmer cut but don’t want to go all the way to skinny.

The straight leg should just skim your body and hug your tush a little.

The hem of the straight leg

should hit at the top of your foot.

An inch or two of extra fabric isn’t bad but anything more than that and

you risk your pants looking frumpy and ill fitting. The point of the straight leg is to slim and

elongate your leg so you want that line to go as long as it can without pooling

into a mess of fabric around your ankles.

If you’re a lover of flats

then this is the pant style that is best suited for your look. The slim cut of the pant will not overwhelm a
custom golf polos Where the hem ends and the shoe begins